REMS expander heads Q&E

Full range of  REMS Q&E expander heads for easy expanding of pipes/rings. Quick-change, without tools. The REMS Q&E expander heads are system-specific and correspond to the requirements of the respective systems. Therefore, perfectly system-conformant, exact expanding. Conical angle 20°.

Driven by REMS Akku-Ex-Press Q&E 22 V ACC cordless pipe expander (page 186 – 187), REMS Power-Ex-Press Q&E ACC electro-hydraulic pipe expander (page 188) and by suitable pipe expanders of other makes.



 <br/>Expander head P-CEF 16 x 1.8
 <br/>Expander head P-CEF 20 x 1.9
 <br/>Expander head P-CEF 25 x 2.3
 <br/>Expander head P-CEF 32 x 2 9
 <br/>Expander head P-CEF 40 × 3 7
 <br/>Expander tongs P-CEF/20°