REMS Blitz

Turbo soldering torch propane

REMS Blitz

Handy self-lighting torch with turbo-flame for fast soft soldering and economic gas consumption.

Copper tubes Ø ≤ 35 mm. Heating, annealing, burning, melting, thawing, shrinking and similar thermal procedures. Flame temperature 1950°C (3500°F).

REMS Blitz – extremely fast soft soldering.

Operating instructions Blitz (PDF)

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REMS Blitz (propane)

Art. no. 160010 R
 <br/>REMS Blitz (propane)
 REMS Blitz (propane) REMS Blitz (propane) REMS Blitz (propane)

Accessories: REMS Lot Cu 3


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